Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Mangaka-San to Assistant San to 2 chapter 06

                                  Here is chapter 06 enjoy Sena Chan.

UPDATE: we have a mistake at credit page the translator was ERU13


  1. First, thanks for scanlating this series. But before, Renzokusei Scans laid a hand on scanlating chapter 6. It was good as we know it. But I was wondering about the quality, is it because they've better raws? Well I'm simply saying this because I think it'd be great if somehow Madman Scans can get better raws as well. Madman Scans appear to be the only scanlation group doing this series continuously, so.. it'd be great if Madman Scans releases such clean high quality as well. And I'm not trying to say low things about Madman Scans, you guys does great. I'm just suggesting, if it's possible.

    1. Oh, figured out that they've their own raw providers. Well, no wonder such high quality (well, I don't know if they actually have any other technique). Can't be helped then.. :/