Sunday, 8 September 2013

Mangaka san to assistant san to 2 chapter 02

     Mangaka san to assistant san to 2 

 Download the chapter 2 here  

Hey, viewers. long time no see. its been more than a month you guys have to wait for any release. But since i got my classes now i would be releasing one or maybe two chapter a month . So i will update on mangaka san. Since it is a monthly release. I can do it . 

Anyways, here is the second chapter of mangaka san to assistant san to  2 . Hope you guys like it . But since it is a magazine print , it can't be the perfect release. But please leave suggestion and advices. it will be a great appreciation in my lonely days . Read it and leave comments if you liked it . Thanks.


  1. Thank you for doing this series!

  2. Thanks for the series, but do you have to use this crappy download service? Every time I left-click to enter the code, it sends me to a page of advertising, without letting me enter the code!

  3. dude, thanks for the series !
    need more of them !