Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Crayon Shin-Chan vol 12 chapter 01 Hey, stop that! Indecency is catching!!

                Crayon Shin-Chan  vol 12 ch 01

                                                         Download the chapter here

Hey viewers here we are with a new chapter of Shin-Chan. so read and enjoy. 

Updates: we have dropped "Kakuriyo Monogatari" , and 
twin-dragons scans had picked it up. so please visit to their site  
to read new and HQ chapter to "Kakuriyo Monogatari".


  1. good work on the new chap, it's unfortunate that this series doesn't get as much attention as the others.

    btw, hello, i'm from calcutta. nice to see a strong kureyon shin chan and doraemon fan here. :)

    1. Hi debashish ! I'm another otaku from odisha! This is Anwesh Pati, the biggest Shinchan fan on earth!!
      I have sent you request on fb, it would be nice if we can talk online. sanga...

  2. Nice chapter. That's a heck lot of translations. Thanks.