Saturday, 13 July 2013

Kakuriyo Monogatari chapter 01

              Kakuriyo Monogatari ch 01

                                             Download chapter here

Hey viewers , we have got a new project, hope you like this brand new series. This is the fastest release ever I've seen, this chapter published in the last week Young Jump on 11th and we are releasing it on 13th. So please read it and comment about this series and any complains are also acceptable. so , read and enjoy.


  1. Thanks for your hard work and the super quick release! This seems like an interesting story, even if the girl is ditsy.

    I'll be following up on it!

    1. Thanks for your support. We will try to improve our work in upcoming releases. We know our faults in this one, since it was the fastest but we will hopefully do even better next time. So, please be with us!!

  2. Just as a heads-up, the Box link says you're out of bandwidth when you try to download the file.

    Thanks for the release.